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AV Scripts Wallpaper - отличный скрипт фотогалереи

Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем Менеджер, 18 апр 2015.


Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

  1. 18 апр 2015
    Менеджер Организатор Организатор
    AV Scripts Wallpaper - отличный скрипт фотогалереи

    Основные возможности скрипта

    AJAX Admin Panel
    Wallpaper Site Script's admin panel has a unique user experience allowing you to manage your site without repeatedly reloading the page. Words don't do it justice, so don't forget to try out the demo.
    Manage wallpapers
    • Add a wallpaper by entering a URL, selecting a file from your site, downloading a file from an external source or uploading a new file. That's 4 different ways to add a wallpaper!
    • Bulk upload and import wallpapers with just a few clicks. No need to use FTP, no need to add each wallpaper image manually.
    • Add a name, description and tags to make finding the wallpaper easy
    • Set how the wallpaper will be cropped to fit other resolutions
    • Feature wallpapers with 1 click
    • Quickly manage wallpapers using search and then edit wallpapers within the search results
    • See reports that users have sent about wallpapers that have issues
    • Get reports from users about comments that may need attention
    • Add ad code from any provider in a special section in the admin panel
    And a lot more
    • Manage and re-order categories and sub-categories
    • Manage pages to display on the site
    • Manage news
    • Manage links to external sites
    • Manage all aspects of your users and their profiles
    • Track users IP addresses and see what users use the same IP
    • Moderate comments left on wallpapers and news
    • See what users are currently online at a glance
    The front-end
    SEO Optimised
    • New ID-less SEO url's. The most readable URL's possible.
    • Meta tags and descriptions for wallpapers and categories
    Users, Profiles and Points
    • Login/Register with Facebook or Wallpaper Site Script's login system
    • 2 captcha options: reCAPTCHA and a custom Question & Answer captcha
    • Every user has a profile showing their information, favourite wallpapers, uploaded wallpapers and recent comments
    • Share system to attract more users via social networks
    • Users can upload avatars or use their Facebook picture
    User submissions
    • Users can submit wallpapers to your site. They recieve credit on the page and in their profile. Easily manage submissions in the admin panel.
    • Registered and Unregistered users can submit their site for link exchange. You can track incoming out outgoing clicks.
    • AJAX Commenting on wallpapers and news
    • AJAX 5-star ratings
    • Private messaging system
    • Report wallpapers & comments
    • Share a wallpaper via Twitter, Facebook etc
    Finding wallpapers is easy
    • Sitewide search
    • Tags so user's can find similar wallpapers
    • Categories and Sub-Categories
    • Filter by screen resolution
    The preview page
    • User's resolution is automatically selected and shown, so they don't have to search through a list.
    • Date added, description, submitter name, tags
    • Add wallpaper as favourite
    • Selection of random wallpapers displayed to keep users browsing
    And much more
    • Language support. All phrases contained in 1 file.
    • Templating system that allows for complete customisation without editing core files. 2 templates included.
    • Advanced SEO Urls
    • Modules showing top wallpapers, newest wallpapers, recently viewed & more
    • Full news/blog system with WYSIWYG editor and commenting
    • Sortable members list
    Цена: один домен $39.99 +



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