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    20.07.2018: Магрибская магия

    10.07.2018: «"Турбо Cash Flow по Кийосаки" - СТАНДАРТ»

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Курс на английском по наведению порядка во всех уголках вашего дома.

Тема в разделе "Хобби и рукоделие", создана пользователем Менеджер, 31 окт 2014.


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  1. 31 окт 2014
    Менеджер Организатор Организатор

    Курс на английском по наведению порядка во всех уголках вашего дома.

    The Power Productivity Program

    by Alejandra Costello

    Серия пошаговых роликов по наведению порядка в доме (в комнатах, на кухне, в шкахаф, на рабочем столе и тд)
    У автора есть бесплатные видео, где можно оценить качество материала

    The Power Productivity Program is my step-by-step online video program I developed based on years working as a Certified Professional Organizer. It includes everything you NEED to know, do, and understand to get yourself physically and mentally organized so you can become your most productive self without slipping back to your old ways. It’s all the step-by-step “secrets” really organized people do on a regular basis to make them super productive and efficient.

    Filled with 5 easy-to-follow training modules (200-pages of detailed documentation of my entire process), over 40 video demonstrations, a step-by-step organizing plan, printable/type-able checklists and trackers, a private community forum for staying motivated, and access to my searchable Knowledge Base with hundreds of questions and answers, the Power Productivity Program was designed to give you all of the tools you need to finally overcome your own, unique battle with clutter.

    This program is for people who
    • Feel overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" they need to do (A.K.A. the never ending to-do list)
    • Feel "stuck" and don’t know where or how to begin getting back on track
    • Want to learn from an expert to avoid making mistakes and wasting time
    • Are stressed out with their clutter but don’t know what to do
    • Never learned how to get organized
    Here’s what I will SHOW you in this program
    • How to effectively use your to-do list to get things done
    • The one thing you need to do every night before bed to ensure a productive tomorrow
    • How to setup organizing systems in any space using my 5-step process
    • How to easily start and finish any organizing project
    • How to quickly make a decision on what to keep versus what to get rid of
    • How to figure out the best places to store things in your home based on several lifestyle factors

    Трейлер курса:

    Цена: 197$
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