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Скрипт фотохостинга ImageNuke

Тема в разделе "Скрипты и программы", создана пользователем Менеджер, 20 фев 2013.


Список пока что пуст. Запишитесь первым!

  1. 20 фев 2013
    Менеджер Организатор Организатор
    Скрипт фотохостинга ImageNuke

    Скрипт фотохостинга ImageNuke
    код открыт, нет привязки к домену, пожизненное обновление!
    Цена - 29$

    Описание на анг.

    ImageNuke combines the best features of the most modern and most valuable image hosting services around the web. Here a sneak peek of the major ones.
    You can also see our script in action here:


    Multi-Image Uploader
    Our Image Hosting Script includes an incredible Multi-Image Upload System, and lets you decide how much images can be uploaded in one session. Now you are “The One” that decides of the limitations and restrictions.


    User Registration System
    Our Image Hosting Script offers you an advanced and stable “user registration system” so you can build your own very active image sharing community, get loyal users and give more credibility to your future business.


    Drag & Drop Feature
    Our Image Hosting Script gives you the most advanced image uploading technology so you can run a very modern, hot and up-to-date service. Much more modern than the majority of image hosting websites around the web.


    Image Titles & Description
    Our Image Hosting script affords you and your users the possibility to add titles and descriptions to any uploaded images and help you to get rapidly “SEO friendly” with quality contents. The best way to grow your traffic and income in no time.


    Image Statistics
    Our Image Hosting Script lets you display the traffic statistics of every image uploaded in your website. An extremely practical functionality that will bring you more users interested to know the popularity of their pictures.


    Sharing Codes
    Our Image Hosting Script provides you and your users all the necessary codes to share any uploaded photos in forums, image boards, websites, blogs or simply by direct links, with codes displayed in HTML, BB-Code or URL formats.


    Social Network Buttons
    Our Image Hosting Script gives you the SMM (Social media marketing) tools to make your website go viral, by offering to your users and visitors the opportunity to share images through all the major social network services.


    Amazing Design
    Our Image Hosting Script displays an extremely attractive design made by professionals to credit the maximum of style to your service. Because a beautiful design is the first thing that will attract your future visitors, and turn them into users.


    Easy Installation
    Our Image Hosting Script is very easy to install. Run your image hosting website in minutes after your purchase. Our detailed documentation will help you go through all the process without difficulty and whatever your configuration.


    Advanced Administration
    Our Image Hosting Script gives you the ability to be the “Master” of your service and lets you define all the characteristics of this one in few clicks. Also, be able to delete any pictures that doesn’t follow “Your” guideline.


    100% Unencrypted
    Our Image Hosting Script is entirely customizable with no kind of limitation as our codes are 100% Unencrypted. Because you may want to change our template or modify some functionalities, our script gives you all the freedom to do so.


    One Year Support
    Any problem ? No problem. Our active professionals will be there to answer any of your query and guide you step-by-step through the process of installation, configuration and utilization very quickly and promptly.


    Lifetime Upgrades
    Our Image Hosting Script is in perpetual evolution, with always more incredible features added regularly to modernize your service. And as a customer, you will be able to download all our future versions and upgrades for free.


    Free Copyright Removal
    Our Image Hosting Script cares about the identity of your future service. And when you’ll develop yours, you may want to dissociate entirely from our brand. We give you the right to remove the copyright text in the footer of our script pages for free.
    продающий сайт
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